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Sep 17 '14

(Source: bosimba)

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Sep 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

can you please stop calling trilbys fedoras...

34 notes Tags: misandrist answers hahahahaha no we're going to do it even more just to bug you

Sep 15 '14

53 notes Tags: misandry all men go to hell

Sep 14 '14

34 notes Tags: misandry submission

Sep 13 '14

65 notes Tags: misandry submission eat all men

Sep 12 '14

rich male tears

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Sep 11 '14

6 notes Tags: misandry male tears submission

Sep 10 '14

Anonymous asked:

ur an fgt


20 notes Tags: misandrist answers please see me after class homophobia

Sep 9 '14

thefoolontheplanet asked:

Your reaction if someone made a misogyny-merman blog?


170 notes (via misandry-mermaid)Tags: misandry to anons asking our reaction to a female tears blog

Sep 8 '14

silkosprey asked:

So I looked through your blog and I only have one thing to say. You are never going to win over the misogynists. Or at least it's going to be really hard for you to do so. You should be trying to change the opinions of those who are undecided. And flinging hate at men will only serve to push them away.

34 notes Tags: misandrist answers we want to push men away men suck