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Aug 29 '14



Fox News: Where women wanting their voices to be heard is considered a “war” that’s “muzzling” men. 

considering that men still hold all the positions of power not certain how this is muzzling. 

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Aug 28 '14

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Aug 27 '14

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Aug 26 '14

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Aug 25 '14

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Aug 24 '14

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Aug 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

What is your favorite band?

bands are limiting. 

got a playlist tho

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Aug 23 '14

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Aug 22 '14

hoistdatrag asked:

You sure that wasn't a troll, trying to set you onto the facebook of someone he hates?

Maybe. Not taking the risk.

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Aug 22 '14

ultraradicalcarrot-deactivated2 asked:

Lol your a bitch. I'm only 14 but Im intulectul enough to see feminism is stupid. Like when I "raped" a girl I had to explain to her that its only rape if u dont want it. She was wet so she wanted it.(like u would be if you saw me. Check my fb on my profile girl ;) ) Its that simple. Women are worse and stupider and guys are stronger and smarter


Warning to everyone who lives in Perth, West Australia. This guy is a rapist. His Tumblr page has a link to his Facebook account, here:

If anyone can find out where this kid goes to school, please report him to the administration as a danger to the other students. Take screenshots of this and his Tumblr account as evidence.

Update: It looks like this could be his mother’s Facebook account. We recommend messaging her with a link to his Tumblr page and/or screenshots of the message.

Take this guy down.

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